Winter in Canada : a glimpse of life in the North

Winter can be very appealing for people who have never experienced it before. I, myself, was very excited to experience it first hand when we came here in Canada. It lived up to the hype indeed. Winter makes the landscape very picturesque especially when you see those snow-laden fields, trees and rooftops. It’s exactly like […]

Press Reset: 7 Tips To Improve Your Mood

Stress, worry, and frustration are just a few of what we have to deal with every day, especially at work. We lose focus and ultimately become less productive and motivated. The fact that you spend about a third of your adult life working means you need to find ways to add flavor to everyday tasks […]

Home rental: the smart approach to passive income

Should I Sell or Rent My House You finally bought your dream house and everything is fine, but then you got a promotion and are forced to relocate. You are now facing a conundrum: Should I sell or rent my house? There are many circumstances that might lead you to choose whether you should move […]

Old Singapore Railway at Bukit Timah, memories of a bygone era

This city-state and island country, Singapore, has really a lot to offer. Ever since I moved here, I invariably have something to learn and uncover. It can be food, people’s culture, practices, languages or some Singlish terms and even interesting places. And the day finally came when we were able to visit the well-known old […]

The Heart of the Malay Peninsula: Kuala Lumpur in its timeless splendour

Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was one of the best travels we had this year. We learned a lot about Malaysia’s culture and people. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital and it is also known for the 451 meter-tall skyscraper – the Petronas Twin Towers. If you have plans on going to Kuala Lumpur, here are the […]

Canada celebrates Filipino Christmas market with traditional lanterns

VANCOUVER – Residents in Vancouver are in for a special treat this holiday season as the Philippine Embassy along with the local community in St. Mary’s Ukranian Catholic Centre will be organising this year’s Filipino Christmas Market: Maligayang Pasko, Vancouver! The Christmas bazaar will feature all-time Filipino yuletide favourites like Lechon, Queza de Bola, Hamon, […]