Top 5 Must-Watch Horror Flicks For Halloween 2020

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Halloween season is upon us again. Although it feels like this year is nothing but one horror flick after another. But sometimes, escaping our daily realities is the best way to cope. So, if you’re up for some heart-racing must-watch horror flicks, we’ve got your covered! We prepared a wide range of horror movie recommendations. […]

6 Best Productivity Apps for Working from Home

best productivity apps

Struggling to be on top of your daily tasks? Don’t fret! There’s an app for that. We’ve come up with the best productivity apps to help you achieve more without burning out! Seven months since the pandemic broke out, remote work continues to rise. With it comes the challenge of achieving work-life balance. In fact, […]

Work Like a Boss With These 5 Must-Haves for a Work From Home Setup

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Working from home is a real challenge. It requires motivation and discipline to stay focus when the comforts of your bed and sofa beckons. But there are also benefits to remote work. For one, you can skip the daily commute. Secondly, you can control your work environment. Lastly, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can cut […]