5 Plants That Will Bring Good Luck This Chinese New Year

plants that will bring good luck this 2021

The Chinese New Year is upon us! We’ll be welcoming the Year of the Ox this February 12, 2021. For those who celebrate it, this year’s New Year celebration will be very different. With the COVID-19 pandemic still on the rise, it’s best to keep family gatherings within the same household. But despite the current […]

Attract Good Energy This 2021 by Getting Rid of These Items

Two weeks into the New Year and we can all feel our energy draining. The excitement for new beginnings starts to fade. But don’t let this stop you from having a great year ahead. There are ways to attract good energy! While there are things that are out of your control, you can change your […]

How to Plan for 2021 When Things Still Feel Uncertain

The year 2020 will go down in history. And not for reasons we will fondly look back on. It felt like we were in some horrible thriller movie where we shout at protagonists not to go out. And yet, they still go out knowing the dangers that lie ahead. What a year 2020 has been. […]