A Friend Blocked You On Social Media? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Care

Social media gave us so much power. We can tweet our disappointments, upload our accomplishments, or share our Stories.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with uploading or posting anything on social media. But just like anything in life, we need to be responsible social media users. Unfortunately, not everyone’s going to like what we post. And sometimes, our thoughts, opinions, jokes, – and even photos, can rub people the wrong way.

This can result in being blocked. What if a friend or relative blocked you on social media? Being offended, hurt, or shocked is only natural. But get your wits together! Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t care.

Reasons Not To Care When Someone Blocked You On Social Media

It Helps Create Boundaries

We don’t block people enough.

There, I said it.

Blocking shouldn’t be treated as a taboo. And while others see it as an act of revenge, it’s actually one of the most natural ways to create boundaries.

And we need clear boundaries on social media. So if someone blocked you on social , don’t take it as an attack upon your person.

Sometimes, people block others to create healthy boundaries and you should let them. Let other people have a safe online space. Whether it’s a family member, colleague, or friend, everyone deserves a safe social timeline. You too can have a safe online space.

It’s Not About You. It’s About Them

Realize that when someone blocked you on social media, it’s not about you. Sometimes, certain things trigger people.

You never know when your food porn is making someone question why they started dieting in the first place. For the love of food, let them unfriend you without drama!

Blocking May Help Someone’s Mental Health

You never know what someone else is going through.

Sometimes, a post can make someone else feel guilty. Or maybe it makes them feel anxious, or jealous, or a whole range of emotions. And it could be from anyone’s post – not just yours.

And blocking is one way for them to keep their mental health in check. So instead of feeling offended, try to understand that maybe they are going through something.

And even when they’re not, it’s best to not have that kind of negativity in your life.

When someone blocked you on social media, it's not always about you
Credits to @leafandlotus via Unsplash

Everyone Is Entitled To Curating Their Social Media

Just like everyone is entitled to their opinion, every social media user is entitled to curating their feed.

With a cluster of different personalities, all posting different things on social media, clashes are unavoidable. You, your friends, and your relatives will have different views on politics, religion, or pineapple on pizza.

If a person blocked you on social media for your opinion, so what?

That doesn’t make your opinion any less. And it doesn’t make them any more right either. So let them do whatever they need to do to not see your daily rants. Additionally, it’s so much easier to agree to disagree.

If They Can’t Appreciate Your Posts, They Aren’t Your Target Audience

Here’s the thing about social media: we are brainwashed to think that the more likes or hearts our post gets, the more valid we are.

That’s far from the truth.

Still, we end up posting and uploading stuff to please those who genuinely like and appreciate it. So if a person blocked you on social media, they probably aren’t your target audience.

And there’s no reason to exert your energy into pleasing them.

Credits to @karsten116 via Unsplash

Life Goes On

So what if someone blocked you on social media?

Your life will not fall apart. You can still post whatever you like. You can still go about your day as if nothing has happened.

Some people are going to follow you, others won’t. As life goes on, you and your family and friends will go in different directions. Sometimes, you outgrow each other, like different things, have different opinions.

And that’s okay.

If where you are in your life right now doesn’t resonate with them, let it go.

So Don’t Fret When Someone Blocked You On Social Media

Live and let live. Being blocked on social media isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t say anything about your social etiquette or your online popularity.

Let that negative energy go. And let other people enjoy their social media experience on their own terms.

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