Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

When it comes to the musings of the heart, music both gives comfort and release.  Pop, rock, mellow – it doesn’t matter. There’s always a song that gets you.

And as a proud Bisaya, I’d be remiss not to mention that Vispop offers beautiful music that will surely fit any mood. Their music is a beautiful combination of rhythm and words. 

Once you’ve started to dip your toes in this industry, you’d realize that Vispop is thriving. One that can hold its own against Jpop and Kpop.

Ready to start your love affair with Visayan Pop songs? We’ve got you covered!

But First, Why Give Vispop A Chance?

Visaya Pop is more than hugot. The Visaya dialect is full of words that run deep. Translate it to Tagalog or English, and sometimes the equivalent pales in comparison. 

Pair beautifully-written lyrics with a melody that range from mellow, to jazz, to rock, you’ll have an authentic, incomparable Pinoy music.

In Bong Joon Ho’s words, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films”. 

I believe that this is true for music as well. If you can get past the unfamiliar dialect, you’ll soon discover a rich, diverse music industry.

Vispop Song #1: Ihatod Tika

It’s hard to translate the title into its literal meaning simply because “ihatod tika” can have a lot of connotations.

It can mean “I’ll walk you home”. Or “I’ll drive you to where you’re going.”. Or simply “I’ll be with you wherever you go next.”

And this song embodies all these beautiful meanings. For this reason, it’s perfect for friends, or when you’re courting someone, or when you’re friendzoned.

Ihatod Tika has a soft sound. Quiet and pleasant that builds up as the song progress. Combined with its meaningful lyrics, it’s definitely a song you can listen to no matter your mood.

Ihatod Tika is by Jerika Teodorico. To quote the singer/songwriter from her SunStar interview last December 2019, “this song is very personal to me, and it is my favorite story to sing to date.”

Vispop Song #2: Ipanumpa Ko

The literal translation of this song is “I Promise”.

So if you’re thinking of promising everlasting love, this song is a perfect choice.

Its strong message rings loud and true. It’ll be a beautiful OST for your unfolding love story.

Oh, Caraga, composed of three men all hailing from Caraga Region, has a wide variety of fun and nostalgic songs under their belt. 

Here’s a beautiful excerpt from the song:

Ipanumpa kong di t’ka biyaan,

(I promise you I won’t leave you)

Ug pagahuktan ko ang tanan

(And I’ll cherish everything)

Ipanumpa kong di gyud ko mo buhi

(I promise I won’t ever let go)

Ang kinabuhi ko kanimo lang

(My life is yours alone)

Vispop Song #3: Proposal

Another song from Oh, Caraga makes it into this playlist. And why not? 

Their songs not only have a catchy and upbeat tune but also have beautiful meaning. And Proposal is one of those songs that will surely stand the test of time.

The intro is quite reminiscent of Your Name’s OST. With its use of piano and drums, it creates a tune that builds over time.

So if you’re thinking of proposing, Oh, Caraga’s Proposal will surely set the mood!

Vispop Song #4: Kita Nalang

Visaya songs may be known for its hugot lyrics, but Kita Nalang proves that you don’t need sad, desperate, or angry lyrics for it work. 

With its breezy, jazz vibe, it’s great for lazy Sunday mornings. The soft, smooth tune is paired with fun, sweet lyrics with the right touch of playfulness that’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

Kita Nalang is by Fin and Fil, a hip-hop/soul/R&B-oriented band comprised of two musicians – Hannu Nyman (aka Fin) and Niño Vasquez (Fil).

Vispop Song #5: Para

I was hesitant to include this song in the playlist solely because it’s from Oh, Caraga again. If you haven’t noticed, this list already has two songs from the band.

But no matter. It’s one of those fun, energetic songs that easily gets stuck in your head.

“Para” is something we say when we want to get off a jeep or taxi. But Para by Oh, Caraga is used almost metaphorically to bring up a breakup.

Don’t get me wrong! It really ain’t that deep, especially when it is delivered in an upbeat, catchy tune. The blow of the message is definitely cushioned by its energetic tune.

So, if you’re thinking of breaking up with someone, send him or her this song. Maybe, just maybe it’ll hurt a little less.

But be warned! This song is quite catchy and it’ll get stuck in your head for hours.

This sums up my Vispop song recommendations for the hopeless romantic. 

Remember, music is universal.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you speak the language. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes or ears into new sounds. You might just discover that there’s a whole new world of symphony out there!