Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Getting Up Close And Personal With Pastel∞Mix

From manga, anime, and idol groups, Japanese pop culture has permeated our media. This is especially true for J-pop idol girl groups. And why not? This new Japanese popular culture offers a different take on stories and music.

Because of their popularity, local idol groups were formed in the hopes of capturing the hearts of Filipinos who enjoy J-pop. One of the best groups today hails from Davao City. Pastel∞Mix has continued to impress their audience from their very first live event. We were fortunate enough to talk with the girls and get to know them as a group. They talked about their most memorable performance plus a few hints about their future plans.

Pastel∞Mix: An Icon of The Local Cosplay and J-Pop Scene

What comes to mind when you read “Pastel Mix”? I’m sure you’re thinking about kawaii colors beautifully mixing together. That’s exactly what Pastel∞Mix is about. “Pastel” represents their vibrant personalities when they come together. They beautifully complement each other to create a work of art- in this case, their music and performance. The infinity symbol represents their unlimited passion for performing. 

This is the story of bright, young women coming together to do what they love best. Cosplaying, performing, and covering J-pop songs.

Hailing from Davao City, Pastel∞Mix is the official performer of Ambox Events since 2011. They exclusively perform at events organized and held by Ambox or those they are affiliated with. What they have accomplished in the 10 years in the local cosplay and J-pop scene is definitely a feat to behold. Recently, they were named as the official mascot of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines.  Additionally, they also perform at events held by the Japanese Embassy in Davao City.

Being from Davao City, they have established a good foundation and a huge following. This allowed them to flourish in their own right, apart from the Capital’s idol scene. Because of this, they’ve had many opportunities which they grabbed with both hands. Their audience can be sure that a lot more is in store for them!

Pastel∞Mix and Their Most Memorable Performance

Last 2017, Pastel∞Mix was invited to perform for Manila Idol Matsuri. The girls were more than ready for their Manila debut. So when they got the invitation, they immediately grabbed the offer. 

Although excited, they also felt so much pressure. It was going to be their first time performing alongside other famous local idols, like MNL48 and Aidoru Sozai. 

“I remember when it was time for us to sell our merchandise, most of the people would just pass us,” they recounted. However, everything went so much better during and after their performance. The audience went wild as they performed energetically on stage. There were fan chants, lightsticks, and everything was amazing. 

“I recall we were crying on stage right after performing because we have never felt so much support there compared to our past performances.” 

Pastel∞Mix greatly appreciated the strong cheers from their fans that it completely overwhelmed them. 

After their Manila Idol Matsuri performance, they received more support. This opened a lot of opportunities for them. Since then, they’ve performed in other major cities like Cebu. They were also able to perform in Manila again twice last year.

What Have They Been Up To?

If you want to watch their recorded performances, you can catch them on their Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Twitter. In fact, they have uploaded some of their dance videos on their FB page. Their fans also uploaded fancams of their performances on social media channels. 

Simply search for “PastelMix” and you’ll be introduced to a whole new level of local cosplay and J-pop culture.

When asked about the possibility of holding a fan meeting, Pastel∞Mix says it’s something they dream of doing for their fans. If they have one, their fans can expect up-close and personal interaction. 

For these girls, their fans are not just fans. They treat them as friends and that’s why they’d love for them to have fun. If ever they hold a fan meet, there would be live performances, games, exclusive content, merchandise, food, and more!

But for now, they recently opened their fan club called Mixtures. There will be exclusive content and live performances in their Mixtures Fanclub group! This is the perfect venue for their fans to see more and get to know Pastel∞Mix even better!

Pasmi 2020: Here They Come!

We also asked the girls what their future plans are and if they are going to record an original song. According to them, they have quite a number of events lined up for the first half of this year. So be sure to catch them in different cities. With that said, the girls will be busier than ever in 2020.

They also have new merchandise that will be available online and on-site. Plus, they are working on a collab that will surely excite everyone. Most importantly, they do have plans for making their original song but they can’t reveal more. It’s their best-kept secret so for sure everyone’s in for a wonderful surprise!

“Please look forward to Pasmi 2020!”

Bonus: Who’s Who In Pastel∞Mix

In some idol groups, each member has a certain tag or role to “play”. So for fun, we asked the girls what each of their role or tag is in the group.

They said that they don’t really have a permanent role for each member. Because they do J-pop covers, they have to adapt to the roles of the group they cover.

For example, as of writing this article, Pastel∞Mix is currently covering Walkure where the main vocals are Mikumo and Freya, the lead vocal is Kaname, and supporting vocals are Mikina and Rein. So here’s how it works for Pastel∞Mix:

  • Cherry Pyon – (Mikumo) main vocal
  • Thea Pyon: (Freya) main vocal
  • Jessa Pyon: (Kaname) lead vocal
  • Miichan Pyon: (Makina) supporting vocal
  • Kanon Pyon: (Reina) supporting vocal

But according to Thea Pyon, the best way she can describe it is that for now, she is the leader. Cherry Pyon is the assistant leader, Jessa Pyon is the substitute leader, Miichan is the visual, and Kanon is their tall baby. (And this is the part where I squeal like the J-pop fan that I am)