5 Practical Ways To Support Your Friend’s Business

Running a small business is challenging enough as it is. However, with the pandemic-stricken world, the stresses, frustrations, and risks have doubled. So if you have a friend with a small business, it’s time to show support. But how do you support your friend’s business without breaking the bank?

Well, for one, don’t ask for freebies! And don’t ask for discounts either.

We encourage you to be a source of support during these challenging times. Here are a few practical ways to support your friend’s business.

How To Support Your Friend’s Business

Start Small

One way you can support your friend’s business is to seek their services and products first.

Say, your friend is making handmade filtered face masks. Instead of buying from popular, larger businesses, buy from them first. This will go a long way in improving their cash flow now.

You can buy your friend’s products and give them out as gifts for family on their birthdays. Or you can purchase them now and give them as gifts later on, especially since the Christmas season is right around the corner.

And remember, loyalty counts.

Most small businesses rely on regular customers. Even as they try to attract new ones, it’s best to be their loyal customer. And if you can’t afford to keep purchasing their products or availing of their services, there are other ways you can help as well.

Go To The Source

With the pandemic restrictions and granular lockdowns, it’s easier to order online. But on days where you can go out, consider going to the source.

For instance, instead of ordering through a food delivery app, choose to pick up the food yourself. Apps like Foodpanda and Grab Food charge restaurants high fees. This will reduce their already thinning net profits.

So while it’s easier to have things delivered to your doorstep, consider going to your friend’s shop yourself if you can.

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Use Social Media To Spread The Word

Looking for a way to support your friend’s business without spending a penny?

Take a moment to share or like their posts on social media. Comment and engage on their page. Doing so will help boost their engagement and will make their profile more visible online. Use social media to spread the word about them.

And if you bought something from them, post it on your social channels. Don’t forget to leave a positive review, comment, or caption. Most importantly, tag them!

Refer New Customers To Their Small Business

Word-of-mouth referrals go a long way in boosting small businesses. If your family, relatives, or friends know that you were satisfied with a business’ services or products, they are more inclined to trust them. Personal recommendations are more trustworthy than any form of advertisement or online review.

But don’t limit your reviews or referrals on your social channels. Whether you’re talking to friends, texting, or chatting with them, give your friend’s business a shout-out. This is especially true when someone asks for a recommendation.

Say someone you know is looking for a makeup artist and your friend is one. Slide in the comment section or give them a private message and recommend your friend! Show them your friend’s portfolio as well to help seal the deal.

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Practice Kindness

This goes for all small businesses, not just your friend’s business.

Business owners are under enormous pressure. Especially now with the current economic situation. So share emotional support whenever you can.

If a business owner takes a while to reply to your inquiries, be patient. If deliveries are later than usual, then maybe the business is overloaded with work. Inquire but don’t demand. Always practice kindness because you never know the pressure they are under.

Lastly, Be There As Their Friend

We are all going through a tough time. Managing a small business can be fulfilling but also very stressful. Support your friend’s business by simply being there as a friend.

When they secure a new client or they completed a job order, hype them up. Tell them they’ve done a great job. Take time to acknowledge their achievements and congratulate them.

Additionally, take time to listen to them when they want to rant. If they are feeling burned out, offer emotional support. Simply letting your friend know you’re there – for a cup of coffee or just to chat online, can be all the help they need.

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