HUSTISYASERYE: Online Content Creators Providing Free Legal Advice

How important is good legal advice? At one point in your life, you’ll need to consult with a legal professional. Whether it’s about real estate matters, car accidents, or starting a business, reliable and credible legal advice is essential. For this reason, free legal advice online is highly beneficial in today’s current situation.


For one, you’ll be informed about common legal problems. Secondly, it’ll help you leverage your legal rights so you’ll make informed decisions. Lastly, it makes understanding trending legal issues much easier.

These are just some of the driving principles behind Hustisyaserye.

Hustisyaserye Is Created By Qualified Lawyers Providing Free Legal Advice Online

The brains behind Hustisyaserye are lawyers and real-life couple – Atty. Mary Justice P. Aurelio-Yap and Atty. Anthony L. Yap.

We asked what made them decide to use the online platform to provide free legal advice. Here’s what they said:

” We got the idea of creating an informative vlog from online bloggers and cousins, Dianne Sia Luceñara and Darwin Jedi Luceñara, who manage a famous Food Blog on Facebook, Davao Food Guide.”

Providing free legal advice is not new for these highly qualified lawyers. Since passing the bar and taking the oath, they have been joining free legal aid services. These services are led by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Davao del Norte and Davao de Oro Chapter.

During these excursions, they go to different municipalities or barangays. They will then provide much needed free legal aid.

However, this legal aid program has very limited reach. For this reason, they decided to create a video log to provide legal awareness to a much larger audience.

” In addition, since we became part of the legal profession we promised to spend some time giving free legal advice to people so that we can give back the blessings that we received in our profession.”

Hustisyaserye Is Not Your Ordinary Vlog

Hustisyaserye aims to provide information about common legal problems that Filipinos usually encounter in their daily lives.

Atty. Mary Justice and Atty. Anthony Yap wanted to share their knowledge and experiences to provide people with ideas and tips in solving common legal problems.

” While we give information about trending legal issues in the country, we do not take sides on such issues in order not to preempt courts and other quasi-judicial bodies.”

What makes Hustisyaserye different?

They make information dissemination fun.

Aside from going “live” on Youtube, they also host games as well as question and answer sessions. For this reason, it entices a lot of people to tune in. They’ll not only learn, but they also get to have fun!

And with the nationwide quarantine, having online fun is a much needed entertainment these days.

However, Hustisyaserye was founded even before the implementation of the quarantine. Atty. Mary Justice and Atty. Anthony Yap launched their vlog last January 2020. Incidentally, this online platform has become convenient for people.

With 1k Subscribers And Growing, What More Does Hustisyaserye Have In Store For Their Followers?

According to them, they are looking forward to providing more information about trending legal issues and common legal problems.

In fact, their latest video focuses on the ABS-CBN Shutdown issue. In this video, they’ll explain the trending legal terms. In doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what this trending issue is about.


“We hope to reach, inform, and educate more people about Philippine laws. We envisioned to become part of every Filipinos in this field of endeavor.”

As they inform their audience, they too strive to continually learn and understand the depth of Philippine laws and jurisprudence so they’ll continue to address legal problems.

Need Legal Advice?

If you find yourself needing help for a legal matter, you can reach them through a private message on their Facebook Page, Hustisyaserye.

You can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel, Hustisyaserye Vlogs, for free legal advice online. You can simply leave comments on any of their videos.

Understanding common legal terms and receiving advice from expert legal professionals will help you get the best possible outcome.

Hustisyaserya is a fun and interactive vlog. We hope that in making Philippine law more relatable and understandable, more Filipinos will make more informed decisions.

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