Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
must-watch horror flicks metamorphosis

Halloween season is upon us again. Although it feels like this year is nothing but one horror flick after another. But sometimes, escaping our daily realities is the best way to cope. So, if you’re up for some heart-racing must-watch horror flicks, we’ve got your covered!

We prepared a wide range of horror movie recommendations. From chilling ghost stories to psychological thrillers, we got them.

We tried to make this list as diverse as possible. Most of the movies below are available on Netflix. So if you’re looking to get scared, check them out!

Must-Watch Horror Flicks on Netflix


Asian horror movies hit differently. Theirs are much darker and more sinister. Asian movies beautifully set the tone of the film through each scene’s color grading, the background music, and the silences in-between.

This is what Metamorphosis did best.

must-watch horror flicks metamorphosis

It’s a story about a family of five who moved into a new home (isn’t this always the case?). But then, terrifying things start to happen as each family member transforms into terrible versions of themselves. The oldest child seeks the help of a Catholic priest who comes and performs exorcisms.

Although the plotline has been done in hundreds of horror flicks, Metamorphosis managed to add something fresh and more sinister. It added a level of creepiness that sneaks up on you. And the buildup of the film will definitely keep you on edge.

Metamorphosis was nominated for Technical Achievement for makeup. And Jang Young Nam, who played the mother, got a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.


Human beings are definitely much scarier than vengeful ghosts. The monsters under our beds have nothing against the monsters who looks and acts like a human being.

Hush is a 2016 American slasher film about a deaf and mute writer who retreated to the woods to live a simple life. When a masked killer appears at her window, she needed to get her wits together to fight for her life.

If you loved thriller flicks like Don’t Breathe, then you’ll love Hush.

This movie will have you rooting for the protagonist. And will make you realize that monsters do exist in real life. They are living, breathing, with flesh and blood.

The Maid

Good horror movies have jump scares. But must-watch horror flicks have a good storyline with unexpected twists.

The Maid starts slow and a bit cliché but the story will start escalating in the middle. That said, you need a bit of patience to get through this movie.

The Maid is a Thai-horror film about a new maid, played by Ploy Sornarin. She comes to work for a rich family living in a mansion. But soon after, she starts seeing the ghost of a previous maid.


What’s a horror movie recommendation list without a zombie movie?

If you loved Train to Busan, then Alive will definitely be up your alley. Alive is about a city infected by a mysterious virus. The protagonists struggle to survive in their own apartments from those infected.

Released a few months after a hard lockdown, Alive somewhat reflects what it was like to be isolated from the world. It wasn’t only about zombies trying to break in, but it was about struggling to survive in isolation.

What will you do when your stocked food runs low? What will you do when you can’t contact your family? Would you still want to survive when the odds are stacked against you?

Alive isn’t just a zombie flick. It’s about human resilience. It’s about having the will to survive no matter what life throws at us.

Ghost Stories

As a Filipino, we’re all familiar with Shake, Rattle, and Roll. This is a classic must-watch horror flick for those who grew up watching the series.

Ghost Stories take a similar route. It’s a 2020 Indian anthology horror film with four short film segments. The films are directed by Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, and Anurag Kashyap.

The film’s tagline reads: “Your Fears Will Find You”. And it promises to go beyond the jump scares and malicious spirits. Some of the short films also ventured into the psychological aspects of horror.

From those who have watched it, they have these things to say: creepy, disturbing, and weird.

Must-Watch Horror Flicks: A Bonus

Halloween Season, also means a few days off work. And what better way to spend a social-distancing, long weekend than watching a binge-worthy series?

That said, we can’t help but add one more recommendation to our must-watch horror flicks. Although this one isn’t a movie.  

The Guest

The Guest is a Korean crime-horror drama series with religious elements. The story revolves around a psychic, a Catholic priest, and a detective. They all fight against crimes caused by something more sinister.

The premise is dark and horrifying to the point of being disturbing. So, this is a trigger warning for those with anxiety! Believe me when I say that this is the only horror flick that gave me nightmares.

However, throughout the series, one theme is very apparent – humanity. Even in the darkest hours, faith, friendship, sacrifice, and hope will win… eventually.

That’s it!

That’s our must-watch horror flicks roundup. So grab your popcorns, snuggle under a warm blanket, and pick your poison.

What movie caught your attention?