5 Practical Self-Care Habits to Incorporate Into Your Work Routine

How do you practice self-care habits when you're too busy with everything else? Here are some routines to care for your body and mind with ease.

Most of us work 9-5 jobs. And with COVID-19 still a prevalent part of life, some of us are forced to work from home. That said, it’s so much harder to have a good work-life balance.

So how do you practice self-care habits when you’re too busy with everything else?

Self-care doesn’t need to happen after-work hours. Although ideally, you need to slow down and relax, there are also self-care habits you can incorporate into your work routine. By doing so, you’ll be more productive and energized.

Here are some routines that will help you care for your body and mind with ease.

Top Self-Care Habits While At Work

Set Aside A Few Minutes in the Morning

It’s so easy to dismiss what your body is telling you. That’s why it’s crucial to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness is known to lower stress, improve performance, and help regulate emotions. So set aside at least 10 minutes in the morning – before you start your routine for work.

This means no checking of emails or social media. Not yet, anyway.

So what do you do during these blissful few minutes?

You can…

  • Prepare your coffee
  • Sit in a quiet corner in your home
  • Or go outside and breathe in fresh air
  • Let your thoughts wander

Why do this in the morning? It’s because you’re much more in control during the morning. At night, either you’ll be too tired or won’t have enough time to simply relax and sit with yourself.

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Think of Something to Look Forward To

Start your workday by getting excited about something. It doesn’t have to be big or grand. It could be anything – like ordering food you’ve been craving, or using a new pen, or using your essential oil diffuser at work.

Think of something you can look forward to every day.

Keep Your Work Area Clean and Inspiring

Working in a cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind. You’ll eventually lose focus and become unproductive. That said, keep your work area clean and organized. In fact, you can take this tip further and make your desk aesthetically appealing.

For instance, you can use organizational bins or shelves that are the same color. Or you can go for a minimalist look and only have the essentials nearby.

Another option is to add things that you love. For example, if you like collecting Legos or Funko Pop figures, you can put them on display. But don’t go overboard! The goal is to have a desk you’ll end up loving.

When you love your desk, you’ll feel more productive and excited about work.

Stay Hydrated

Easy to say, but hard to do. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy. Plus, it helps you look and feel better about yourself.

Did you know that dehydration can…

  • Impact your mood
  • Affect your ability to think and retain memory
  • Make you feel exhausted
  • Increase feelings of anxiety

So, why water?

Water is essential in taking care of your body, brain, and mood. That said, part of self-care is ensuring that you’re in optimal shape. In doing so, your body is prepared to handle the stress you’re going to experience.

Here are some more benefits of staying hydrated:

  • Help you physically perform at your best
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Water can suppress hunger
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Boost skin health and beauty
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Helps your kidneys to function better and in flushing out toxins

Create a Playlist

Music can boost your mood within seconds. In fact, some people rely on music to set their mood throughout the day. So the music you listen to while working can help you focus and make you feel energized.

One of the best self-care habits to incorporate into your work routine is to create a playlist. So what type of playlists should you have?

It really depends on your taste. But for starters, here are a few tips for creating playlists:

  • Songs that make you feel happy without feeling overwhelmed. Songs that are perfect for Monday morning.
  • Instrumental songs for when you need something calm while focusing on work
  • Songs with positive messages. These songs will make you feel good about yourself.
  • A playlist that reminds you of how badass you are. Put songs that are a complete confidence booster.
  • Songs for when you’re feeling a little off and need something blasting in your eardrums. This type of playlist will surely blow away those negative vibes.
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Ready to Practice These Self-Care Habits?

These are just a few practical self-care habits you can incorporate into your work routine. Feel free to add more!

Most importantly, take time to slow down and relax. Give yourself the love it deserves. However, these self-care practices require commitment.

“But I could use that time to do something more productive!”

It’s important to reframe your mindset. Relaxing and recharging is actually one of the most productive things you can do. In doing so, you’re giving yourself enough energy to be more productive, achieving more in the long run.

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